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The world today confronts us with many challenges. But when great ideas are brought to life through entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and implementation skills, we can make a real difference. In the world of business—and in the world at large. Partnering with visionary companies on problems that can’t be solved the usual way, ibjects research and develop solutions that use technology for social impact & innovation.

website and mobile app development

We are working on some really cool ideas that create impact.

Intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our on going research on generating intuitive behaviour in AI.

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Decier Decide anthing web app

Get to a decision quickly with Decider, which takes completely random and unbiased decisions.

BepBop Utopia mobile app
BepBop Utopia

An app where actions taken are translated into revenue, which is used to lift someone out of poverty.

We're also helping tech projects, in creating social impact.
Showupia mobile app

Showupia: A Delicious Democracy

A cultural and political community nourished by face-to-face creative action/experimentation/inquiry. Build an abundant system in a virtual world of Showupia.

sharing out mobile app

SharingOut: Because It Matters

Pakistan’s only digital solution to fight food waste. Save the planet by simply eating delicious food at unbeatable price.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we're working on

No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Good Health & Well Being
Quality Education
Gender Equality
Decent Work & Ecomomic Growth
Responsible Consumption
Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate Change
Patnerships for the Goals