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TLDR; ibjects is a software company that is revolutionizing lives through impactful technology solutions.


At ibjects, we're fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to making a difference. We dive headfirst into bold challenges, crafting cool, cutting-edge apps and websites that do more than just turn heads—they tackle real-world problems


Finding new ways to use technology to solve social problems around the world.


We believe that working together is the best way to achieve goals and grow.


We are committed to making a positive impact through technology on the world.
Embracing innovation, we dive headfirst into the realm of social impact. We believe that Technology, harnessed with purpose and determination, can tackle society’s most pressing problems.

We are always open to interesting projects.

Our Works

40Day Goals

40Day Goals

Transform in 40 days with easy goal tracking, visual motivation, and progress sharing. Simplify growth, focus on achievements!
StackOrders App

Stack Orders App

A mobile app for Puteri salesmen to take orders, record collections online and offline, and sync data when connected to the internet.


Sukhan is an innovative and engaging app delivering insightful podcasts and live discussions on crucial social and cultural topics.
AshTree Center


VendserLITE revolutionizes local business discovery with real-time location updates, making it easy for users to find services and for mobile businesses to stay visible.


Showupia is a unique game that empowers players to shape a virtual democracy, inspiring real-world social and political engagement.


Get to a decision quickly with Decider, which takes completely random and unbiased decisions.

Marvel AirCon

Providing top-notch air conditioning and electrical services in KL and Klang Valley for comfort and efficiency.


VanSales is a mobile app helps drivers deliver commodities efficiently by displaying schedules, routes, and real-time records in one place.

Bringing Ideas to Life
From Concept to Prototype to MVP

Providing holistic professional counseling, spiritual direction, and training for transformation, connection, and hope.
We redesigned the interface of 4G Capital's loans system, enhancing usability and ease of navigation for agents, and also created design prototypes for a mobile app to facilitate users loan applications and payments.
We prototyped two projects for TechnoServe: KFUNZA, an eLearning platform offering specialized training for African farmers and workers, featuring a mobile app and web portal; and a tablet-specific app for wet-mill managers to record field data, optimizing on-site management and UX.
At ibjects, we specialize in turning visionary concepts into tangible prototypes. Our expertise lies in meticulously crafting each stage of the prototype development process, from initial sketches to interactive models, giving our clients a clear and comprehensive view of their final product. This approach has led to numerous successful projects, where ideas are vividly brought to life, ready for the next phase of development.


Intuitive AI is an innovative research project exploring the development of AI that can make decisions based on intuition, transcending traditional logic-based algorithms. The project integrates real-world psychological principles into AI, aiming to model intuitive decision-making and enhance AI's understanding of complex, ambiguous scenarios.

Spearheaded by our team, this open-source initiative combines advanced simulations and machine learning to pioneer intuitive behaviors in AI systems.

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No Idea Too Bold, No Challenge Too Big

Got an idea that sparks excitement? Imagine it taking shape! At ibjects, we're not just a team; we're your partners in innovation. Together, we'll navigate the exciting path from a raw idea to a market-ready MVP. With personalized guidance in design, research, and development, your vision is set to soar. Ready to make it happen? Let's talk!

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